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Terms and Conditions

Cost estimations are based on iSource's current costs of production, and are valid for 1 month from the date stated in the quotation.

Prices quoted include delivery to the Customer's address by the delivery method of iSource's choice unless otherwise agreed and stated.

The Customer places an order and agrees to these Terms and Conditions by signing and returning the quotation form by post, where a quotation form has been provided by hard copy, or by replying to the quotation email, which contains these Terms and Conditions.


iSource shall not be required to transcribe any matter which in its opinion is or may be of an illegal, libelous, offensive or blasphemous nature.

iSource will not accept any responsibility for imperfect work caused by defects in material supplied by the Customer.

Proofs of work carried out may be submitted for the Customer's approval and iSource shall incur no liability for any errors not corrected by the Customer in proofs so submitted. The Customer's alterations and additional proofs necessitated thereby shall be charged extra at the rate agreed between the Customer and iSource.

Company logo

Unless otherwise specifically requested all work will carry iSource's company logo which will be positioned at its discretion.


Should work be suspended at the request of the Customer, iSource shall then be entitled to payment at the rate agreed in the quotation pro rata for work already carried out and materials specially ordered.


iSource will use its reasonable endeavors to comply with the date named for dispatch, which is given and intended as estimate only and is not to be the essence of the contract.

Damaged goods must be returned to iSource within 28 days of dispatch. Damaged goods returned within 28 days of dispatch will be replaced free-of-charge.

Advice of non-delivery or partial loss of goods in transit must be given to iSource within 7 days of dispatch.

iSource shall not be liable for damaged, non-delivery or partial loss of goods unless the above conditions have been complied with, except in any particular case where the customer proves to iSource's reasonable satisfaction that it was not possible to comply with the requirements.


All invoices are due for payment on the date shown on the invoice. Invoices are issued when the goods are dispatched, with the payment date two weeks after the invoice date, unless agreed otherwise.

Payment is to be made in sterling unless otherwise agreed.

A 10% surcharge will be charged for each month, or part of the final month, that a payment is overdue.


The Customer shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary authority to reproduce text and any other material. A copy of such authorization shall be provided by the Customer to iSource on its request.

iSource shall be indemnified by the Customer in respect of any claims, costs and expenses arising out of any libelous matter or any infringement of copyright, patent, design of or any other proprietary or personal rights contained in any material transcribed for the Customer.


The Customer is able to assess the value of the materials provided for transcription and potential damage caused by errors in goods and services provided. Since iSource is not in a position to make such an assessment of value or potential damage, iSource's liability to the Customer for any default or breach shall in no case exceed the invoice value of the goods and services provided.
Third parties

A person, other than officers, agents or employees of iSource, who is not a party to an order may not enforce any of its terms under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties Act) 1999.


These Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with US Law. US courts will have non-exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute in connection with any order incorporating these Terms and Conditions. The Customer agrees that English courts are the most appropriate and convenient courts to settle any such dispute.

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